A great scientific and technological advance occurred recently in the USA, making local fat and cellulite treatment a simple and totally painless procedure. The new painless and contactless liposuction method is called “Vanquish” and is now applied in Greece.

SkourasMed medical beauty centres, with their 20-year-long specialization in Liposuction and Bloodless Liposuction were the first to bring this treatment to Greece, creating the exclusive ultramodern Vanquish application unit in Greece.


Lipolysis is achieved by directing high potency Radio Frequencies to the fat tissue, through a single field that scans fat.

The special arm of the machine, consisting of 3 moving panels, “embraces” the body exactly and emits radio frequencies from a distance (3cm from the skin), increasing the temperature in subcutaneous tissue fat (45-46°C). This temperature provokes the breakdown of a large number of fat cells in every session.

Fat is removed from the body with the urine and in about 10 days we already have results measurable in centimeters. In each session the whole area presenting fat deposits is covered uniformly, the problem of local fat is treated in a complete way and not partially, and this ensures a fast and symmetrical result.


For the first time we have the possibility to infuse high potency radio frequencies using fields, without touching the skin with a head. The treatment is painless since we have no nerves in the fat and we do not feel the heat, while temperature in the skin does not exceed 40°C because of intense blood circulation. The patient feels a mild heat in the area, similar to the feeling of a hot bath.


The application treats the problem of local fat in the belly and hip love handles, but also in the thighs, covering the circumference and the interior of the thighs.


The problem of local fat is treated permanently, since fat cells break down and are eliminated from the body with the urine. If weight increases after the treatments, the distribution is more symmetrical. Moreover, while the patient loses centimeters, the skin in the area is tighter, as radio frequencies stimulate the production of collagen by fibroblasts.


After Vanquish, SkourasMed brought to Greece the brand-new machine for skin tightening and lipolysis, “Exilis”, which is the development of Vanquish, since it offers us the possibility to face the problem of local fat and cellulite wherever it may appear with the help of its special heads.

For large body areas (belly and thighs) we choose Vanquish, while for smaller areas (arms, knees, chest, back) Exilis offers an intense lipolysis and contouring. We may therefore speak of a total body reshaping, with a permanent treatment of local fat deposits and lifting of loose skin.

Exilis is of course also applied to the face with impressive results in areas like the double chin, where lipolysis and skin lifting is required for an ideal result, the neck, the cheeks and eyelids.

The VANQUISH - EXILIS protocol is applied exclusively by SkourasMed.


Thanks to simultaneous lipolysis and skin tightening, VANQUISH - EXILIS also provides excellent results for the problem of cellulite. Surface fat deposits which give the skin “orange peel” look are reduced drastically, while the improved skin condition completes the impressive result.


The number of sessions is individual, depending on problem and area. In the beginning, a medical history is recorded and a detailed fat measurement is carried out, examining the fat accumulation per body area. Subsequently the suitable combination of Vanquish and Exilis is proposed, as it suits each patient.

After each session the measurement is repeated, so the patient can monitor results, having the possibility to stop at any time, when the desired level is reached.


SkourasMed, in an exclusive collaboration with the NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION have made a dynamic entrance in the anti-ageing sector.

With the help of a number of special exams, you may now find out your personal pre-disposition towards premature ageing and resist. Slowing-down the ageing process and maintaining the optimal physical condition is a process that demands high scientific knowledge and faithful adaptation of the individual to the proposed corrective measures

After giving blood at Skourasmed, the blood sample is sent to the MOLELCULAR & CELLULAR AGEING laboratory of the NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION and the following tests are carried out:


Analysis of telomere length and of telomerase activity.

Telomeres constitute the biological clock for the age of body cells, a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in 2009. Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for maintaining telomere length. Determination of telomere length and telomerase activity is important for the determination of the biological age of cells.

Determination of the quantity of proteasome and oxidized proteins.

The proteasome is the cell’s major proteolytic mechanism, a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in 2004. During ageing this mechanism becomes less active, resulting in accumulation of oxidized proteins. Its activation causes significant delay in cell ageing.

Determination of secreted ApoJ levels.

ApoJ is a specific ageing and chronic stress indicator and its levels increase significantly with age.


Skourasmed Clinical Dietologists, in cooperation with the anti-ageing department of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, provide nutritional advice and diet design for anti-ageing based on the results of blood tests. Individualized nutrition aims at a youthful appearance and health improvement.

Based on the results of the special blood tests and the genetic profile, Skourasmed produce personalized cosmetics aiming at a youthful skin, removing signs of ageing.


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