Following the innovation of Vanquish, SkourasMed now offers the innovative technology of EXILIS. This is the top method for reshaping and rejuvenating face and body. It breaks down painlessly and bloodlessly fat cells and stimulates collagen and elastin production with a result that is visible almost immediately after the application.

EXILIS has 2 heads, one for the face and one for the body.


Even at the 1st application, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin through radio frequencies and improves already existing collagen. It is applied at the whole face and the neck. It provides impressive results around the eyes, eliminating “bags” in the lower eyelids and loose skin in the upper eyelids.

In the double chin, it breaks down fat and at the same time lifts the skin, immediately restoring the loose face contour.

It creates a radiant, tight face without wrinkles, with a relaxed look and perfect contour.


The use of radio frequencies in the beauty sector is based on directing energy to the deeper skin layers. In this way, diathermic waves are created, which stimulate fibroblasts and promote the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


The special heads of the device ensure the maintenance of skin temperature in low levels, so the treatment is carried out safely and comfortably. The result is that the patient feels the heat in the deeper skin layers, but not on the skin surface, making the treatment painless.


The result of the treatment is a tight and firm skin. Τhe face contour is lifted as sessions advance and the face regains a youthful appearance.


The uniqueness of the method is due to the combination of:

  • a mild dermabrasion
  • with simultaneous infusion of local therapeutic solutions

As the specially designed head made from solid diamond “glides” on the skin surface, it removes dead surface skin cells and at the same time it feeds the body with therapeutic solutions which are always adapted to the needs of the skin.

  • The infusion of hyaluronic acid and glycerine causes the lines and thin wrinkles to lessen, while it stimulates collagen recreation.
  • Vitamin C solution with its anti-ageing action, limits signs of fatigue, the skin calms down, becomes fresher and cleaner.
  • The infusion of salicylic acid with its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action, treats active acne problems, regulates skin greasiness and texture.
  • The infusion of whitening kojic acid helps fight skin spots and discoloration.

From the first application, the result is impressive and the face is radiant, deeply hydrated and clean, without sebum and air pollutants. The treatment does not cause irritation and we can move around freely immediately after the application.


The treatment lasts for about 2 hours and it includes:

  • Demaquillage
  • Peeling
  • Steam bath
  • Sebum extraction
  • Skin pore cleansing
  • Application of masks & serums (depending on skin needs)

Deep Cleansing is necessary in acme treatments, but it is also suggested at the beginning of every treatment (anti-ageing, hydrating etc.), as it maximizes the results of the application to follow.


Thanks to the careful way of treating the skin, the person can move about without irritation or intense redness. Dilated pores are sanitized; the skin breathes and is rejuvenated.

Deep Cleansing can be combined with Chemical peelings or Oxygen Therapy on the same day, for an even more impressive result.



PCA SKIΝ from USA, now provides Greece with new generation chemical peelings. Chemical Peelings as we have known them until today, cause irritation, exfoliation, redness etc., due to high TCA (trichloroacetic acid) concentration.

New generation chemical peelings do not cause trauma to the skin. On the contrary, they provoke a cell rebirth through the combination of different, beneficial acids, which in the right proportions adapt to the needs of each face, rejuvenate the skin and treat even the most demanding problems. In other words, the treatment is absolutely adjusted to each person; we no longer depend on one substance – which causes exfoliation – but on a variety of active substances and acids which adapt to skin needs.


After skin diagnosis, the specialists at SkourasMed will propose to you the chemical peeling with the suitable active substances for your face: salicylic acid for oily and acme-prone skin, kojic acid for whitening discolorations, Vitamin C and A (retinol) for tired and prematurely aged skin, glycolic acid for rebirth and dead cell removal, trichloroacetic acid for exfoliation and removal of the surface skin layer in the case of marks and scars etc.

After the treatment the skin will not be irritated and will not peel, if we do not want it to.


From the first application the skin acquires a healthy and radiant look, it breathes, it is fresh and clean. The ideal number of treatments varies depending on the problem, but 2-3 applications are enough for excellent results. After treatment you can return immediately to your activities without marks or redness, with a rosy and beautiful skin.



A stimulating, deeply antioxidant oxygenation treatment for the skin, suitable for every face, age and time. The treatment may even be applied during pregnancy.


Oxygen therapy consists of 3 stages:

  • Activation (increase in activity and blood supply to the skin)
  • Detoxification (introduction of artificial haemoglobin)
  • Oxygenation (oxygen supply)

The results include increase in metabolism, improvement of the functions of the skin surface cells, blocking of free radical activity, removal of toxins and, therefore, delay of the ageing process. The skin breathes, recovers its healthy color and its condition is improved.


Non-injectable mesotherapy is an innovative technique for diffusion of active ingredients into the skin which is based on the phenomenon of electroporation. Contrary to traditional, injectable mesotherapy, this technique is entirely painless. Moreover, with the application of non-injectable mesotherapy, healing time between sessions is minimized.


With the use of low-frequency electrical current, the micro-pores of the cell membrane become temporarily permeable and open, and so the absorption of the active ingredients diffused goes on until the deepest skin levels.

The substances are chosen depending on the problem and the desired result:

  • Anti-ageing and skin toning
  • Tightening and lifting of the face contour
  • Deep hydration & radiance


Botox is an injectable treatment that suspends muscular contractions locally, painlessly, without side-effects and without destroying muscular or neural fibers.


The treatment is indicated for the wrinkles in the area of the forehead, the glaberral lines, but also for the wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), i.e. the area around the eyes that contracts when we smile.


The treatment is very brief and almost painless. Dr. George Skouras, Plastic Surgeon, after discussing with the patient and evaluating the nature and the extent of the problem, will apply injections with a very thin needle at the points where the damage is located. After the application, the patient must not be exposed to sun or heat for 24 hours. Moreover, he must not lie down or rub the area for about 4 hours.

The patient returns to the doctor 2 weeks after the application, in order to evaluate the complete treatment result.


The treatment results are impressive. The face becomes smooth, free from expression wrinkles, looks younger, renewed and rested. The action of the medicine occurs 2-3 days after application, while maximum effect appears approximately 2 weeks later.


The effects of the method are not life-long. They last, however, for a rather large period of time, which varies on a case-by-case basis from 6 to 10 months. It has been moreover observed that, if the patient systematically undergoes the treatment for some time, Botox effects may last even 12 months.


Restylane is an injectable implant based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that exists naturally in our body. It is injected exactly below the skin surface and restores its volume and structure, effectively reducing unwelcome wrinkles and improving face contour.


We often see women with intense signs of premature ageing, with a dark and dull skin. Restylane Vital improves skin elasticity and tone by restoring water balance, giving the skin a fresh and natural look. It reduces signs of ageing in the skin and can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck, the chest (neckline) and hands.


Hyaluronic acid produces fuller and better formed lips and it can accentuate the lip contour in a perfectly natural way. Hyaluronic acid produced specifically for the lip area is totally safe, in contrast to older methods which, besides unnatural results, also presented undesired side-effects.


One of the most common uses of Restylane is in the nasolabial folds, the expression lines starting from the nose and ending at the corner of the mouth. Restylane fills these deep wrinkles, giving the whole face a fresher and more youthful look. The results in this area may last up to one and a half years.


The new absorbable threads from polylactic acid are made of the same material as the threads of surgical operations. They are safe for the body and can be absorbed by the tissue in a few months without damage.

The treatment is carried out in the consulting room, in comfort and without pain, without cuts or local anaesthesia. We might apply some EMLA cream if needed, 20 minutes before treatment.

By placing many threads, a supportive grid is created which causes lifting and tissue support. The body absorbs the thread material and produces collagen in its place, thus creating a collagen grid.

The treatment lasts for about 30’ and results are visible at 20-30%. Improvement is continuous in the next days, due to collagen production. Immediately after treatment we return to all kinds of activities. The result lasts for about 1,5 years.


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